Petzl TANDEM pulley -Rope use only. NO CABLE! -part#P21



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  • Aluminum sheaves mounted on self-lubricating bushings for efficiency
  • Accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use


  • Rope compatibility: diameter: 13 mm or less -NO CABLE!
  • Sheave diameter: 21 mm
  • Ball bearings: no
  • Efficiency: 71 %
  • Maximum working load: 10 kN
  • Weight: 195 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12278

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same components as the CMI RP103 2 3/8 pulley at a better price.   Black anodized aluminum sideplates, 2 3/8" aluminum sheave, on needle bearings, and stainless steel axle.  5/8–16mm rope diameter capacity   30Kn—6700+Lbs MBS use for aerial fabric rig adjustmet heights.   rope sizes of to 16 mm in diameter.      Pulley rated at over 6,700Lbs MBS Strength for long lasting durability over aluminum versions like Aerial Essentials or circus gear stores aerial rig pulley system

**Set of TWO**2-3/8” Aluminium sheave Pulleys on bearings~16mm rope fit

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CMI TROLLEY -part#TROLLEY.   SAR, mountain rescue, USAR ready.  Rope Access SPRAT/IRATA ready now at a deeply discounted sale closeout price


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