Screwgate oval/steel. Ropes course/climbing gym ready kernmantle now at a deeply discounted sale closeout price by ISC

ISC OD50 Rescue Carabiner -50Kn/11,000+Lbs



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A Great Multi-Use Carabiner Heat-treated alloy steel construction with Gold Chromate corrosion protection.

Made to meet the toughest rescue needs.

NFPA Rating: General Use.( 2 person suspension)


Model# Description Color
60511750 Screwgate Gold
60511751 Screwgate Black
60511730 Twistlock Gold
60511731 Twistlock Black

Gate Opening 0.8 20 mm
Dimensions 4.48" x 2.45" 107 x 63mm
Strength (lbf.): 11,241 lbf. 50 kN
WLL (lbs): 1,124 lbs. 511 kg
Weight 7.7 oz. 220 gm