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Petzl P28 Ring Open, Pensafe steel 3inch ring, Omega pacific 22kn ring

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Yates Large Anchor Ring -10,000Lbs./44Kn

Yates Large Anchor Ring -10,000Lbs./44Kn

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CNC milled from 1/2" thick high strength 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum Plate. Durable "Hard Coat" anodized.  Currently under certification with UL for NFPA "G" and ANSI Z359.1.  Individually proof loaded to 3,600 lbf. YATES Rigging Ring is the only aluminum rigging ring on the marked that is individually proof loaded.  Anchor Ring inside diameter 1.4". Outside diameter 2.2". Strength 9,000 lbf. (40kN). can be utilized in an ANSI/OSHA engineered & compliant

Yates 1013 Yates Rigging Ring -ANSI Z359.1 -40kN/9000Lbs.

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Fixe Rappel Rings are made from 11mm rod stock and are T.I.G. welded. Used with conventional sling material or screw links and chain. A rappel ring completes any anchor.  Plated Steel: 35kN/8500lbs  Inner Diameter- 1 3/8"

FIXE RAPPEL RING Plated Steel-Plated Steel: 35kN/8500lbs

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Forged aluminum rap ring for bail-outs and rap stations. Anodized gray for minimal visual impact. Solid construction (not hollow) for 20kN minimum breaking strength (over 4400lbs)! Not intended for repeated lowering. from Omega pacific tagged at 20kN/4500Lbs

Omega Pacific Rappel Ring Part # RAPRNG -20kN/4400Lbs.

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FIXE RAPPEL RING SS-Stainless Steel-50kN/12500lbs

FIXE RAPPEL RING SS-Stainless Steel-50kN/12500lbs

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Designed for: - the creation of multiple anchors: its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions at 23kN/5000Lbs

Petzl RING Connection ring-SUSPENSION BRIDGE- 23kN/5000+Lbs.---2 sizes

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Ring designed for semi-permanent connection of equipment Round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions Wide opening allows installation of ropes with sewn terminations Specifications  Major axis strength: 23 kN kN

Petzl P28 Ring Open Multi-Directional Gated Ring

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