Harness -Yates Full Body Voyager Riggers, Rescue II, Basic Rope Access QR legs

Yates voyager Riggers all Black 380R.  Yates 390 RTR Lineman’s arborists  harness

Yates Basic Rope Access Harness 387.   Yates voyager Rescue Harness w/shoulder D-Rings 380,  Yates Basic Rope Access Professional Harness QR Legs 387P

Yates Basic Rigging Harness QR legs 386,  Yates Technical Rescue II Harness QR legs 384,  Yates Riggers Fall Safe Harness 366B,  Yates CDS1 Dorsal D-ring 18inch harness fall protection extension ~ALL BLACK

Yates 386 Basic Rigging full body Harness ANSI 359.12 certified & tagged with quick release leg buckles and 3 d-rings used for stage , concert tour and steel build cirque du soliel building & assembly

Yates 386 Basic Rigging full body Harness w/3 d-rings

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